Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Do It On Your Own Or Hire a Contractor

Acoustic or popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past. These ceilings had been popular about two decades ago when home developers have come up with using spray texture to solve ceiling problems. The texture actually looked like popcorn thus the term “popcorn ceiling”. However, popcorn ceiling removal seem to be the thing today as these ceilings are already obsolete aside from the facts that popcorn ceilings contain asbestos and may be the major source of dust and dirt in the house. These are important things that you have to remove from your home.

Why Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

Yes, popcorn ceilings were fashionable decades ago but homeowners should admit that their ceilings can get quite unattractive as years go by due to factors like water stains and other marks caused by water leakage.

Moreover, popcorn ceilings tend to trap sunrays, making the room appear dull. Also, these ceilings serve as a major attraction for dust, dirt as well as spider cobs making the cleaning process very hard. These can be dangerous to the residents too as it may contain asbestos and other compounds along with the dusts that can cause allergic and harmful reactions.

popcorn ceiling removal

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Also, popcorn ceiling removal can also be a great way to increase the selling value of any home. Hence, investing time, effort and a little amount of money on popcorn removal can be a worthwhile thing to do.

Popcorn Removal- Doing It Yourself

The decision to remove popcorn ceiling is a great step for every homeowner. This should not be a burdensome task since there are a lot of easy options available. Although this task may appear difficult, they will surely find that removing popcorn ceiling only requires a bit of ingenuity.

Essentially, the entire process does not have to be intricate. In order to remove popcorn ceiling with much ease, a paint scraper can be used. In this case, ladders may no longer be necessary as they can attach the scraper to a shop vac. Once moistened, the ceiling can be scraped conveniently without having to deal with dust or other particles falling directly on nasal passages.

If shop vac is not available, they can have the option to make use of extended poles to facilitate the removal without having to deal with much hassle.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Although removing popcorn ceiling is an easy task that every homeowner can accomplish, there can be times that they need to entrust this to popcorn removal services due to some reasons like hectic schedules or physical disabilities. However, there are certain things that they need to confirm before hiring a contractor. These can be handled by asking questions like:

  • Does the company perform asbestos testing?
  • Can removing the ceiling be done on their own to save on the costs?
  • Is it hard to remove popcorn on painted ceilings?
  • Is there a need to remove all the furniture inside the house?
  • How long will it take to have the entire process done?

These are just few of the important questions that homeowners should ask if they want to hire the best contractor forpopcorn ceiling removal. Essentially, homes that were built before 1978 should be tested for lead and asbestos prior to initiating the removal of popcorn ceiling. This is to protect them and the contractors for the possible harmful effects of asbestos contamination.

Moreover, the process of removing popcorn can be done personally but homeowners may lack the necessary skills and equipment like respirators and protective gears to have the job done. Also, painted ceilings are more difficult to deal with so hiring professional contractors can be the next best option. By hiring professionals, they do not have to worry about their home fixtures since these experts can cover off all furniture that may be damaged like television, sofas and beds.

The entire process of popcorn ceiling removal may take one day to accomplish for smaller areas and may consume a few more days for larger spaces. But working with the right contractor can assure homeowners of a faster service. With the help of the experts, the process of removing popcorn ceiling can be easier most especially if they do not have enough time and resources to do it on their